2014-10-30 / Community Blog

Know the Candidates

To the Editor:
I am writing to encourage all parents of Newport Public School children to get out and vote next week!  Be certain that you are comfortable with the people who will help to make important decisions regarding your child's education over the next two years.  Be sure that you know the candidates' ideas and feel confident that they will speak up on behalf of what they think is in the best interest of our children in Newport, regardless of what others want them to go along with. 
I have had the pleasure of working with candidate Becky Bolan on several committees.  I find her to be insightful and thorough.  She asks many questions and seeks answers from teachers and parents, not just from administrators.  David Hanos will also be a strong voice on the committee.  Having his children attending Newport Public Schools gives him a very clear vantage point on the direction our schools need to be heading.  Dave has already reached out to other parents, including me, and teachers in the system to gather as much information as possible about a variety of important topics.  We need members who are active, not passive!  Our committee needs to be fresh and willing to hear from parents and teachers so as to make the best possible decisions for our children. 
I also want to remind parents, and all voters, that although you have the ability to cast your vote for seven members, you do not NEED to vote for seven.  Please don't cast a vote for seven candidates if you do not feel them worthy of the position.  Do your homework, ask around, and listen to what you hear from other parents and your children's teachers about which candidates truly have the energy and knowledge to pasionately represent our children.
Melissa Turner


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