2016-07-28 / Election News

Richard Rom For Senate District 12

My name is Richard Rom and I am a Republican running for Senate District 12 as the RI GOP endorsed candidate. 

I was told that a Senate race could cost many thousands of dollars for fundraising, road signs, handouts, bumper stickers etc. That kind of expense was not going to fly on my retirement salary so I knew I had to come up with an alternative way to inform the voters of District 12 that I am a candidate.

I sold some personal items to finance my campaign, installed yard signs on my bike and hit the road!

What better way for this long time bicycle rider to take a page from the book of the beloved Senator June Gibbs who campaigned on her bike for many years. The bike campaign has turned into an experience that is so much better than I could ever have imagined!

I have had many enlightened conversations and have been humbled and encouraged after speaking with so many regular folks that are just like me and are worried about the very same issues. General Assembly corruption, burdensome taxation, mandates and the newly adopted RhodeWorks via tolls law are the issues of concern that come up time and time again.

My plan is to win the Primary on September 13, win the General Election on November 8 and begin to work full time for the people of RI to repair the economic decline of our beautiful state. Feel free to contact me anytime for information, questions or concerns, and please wave when you see the guy with the signs biking through your neighborhood!

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