2016-08-04 / Election News

Rep. Lauren Carson Makes Re-Election Bid for District 75

[Editor's note: The following was submitted as a press release]

Rep. Lauren Carson announced she will seek re-election to the House of Representatives. Ms. Carson represents District 75, Newport. Representative Carson was first elected in 2014 and is completing her first term.

“District 75 wants a state representative that puts Newport first,” said Representative Carson. “Newport wants a responsive and accessible state government and I will continue to champion sensible policies to make sure that our voices are heard in state government and that there is fairness and transparency in Rhode Island.”

“I have promised transparency and availability to the voters. During my 18 months in office, I have held 10 constituent meetings designed to engage voters in the process of state government and to keep my ear to the ground on the issues that Newport cares about most,” said Carson. Carson supported reform legislation that fixed Rhode Island’s broken lobbying, campaign finance, and ethics laws which passed in the Assembly, recess for grammar school children and income tax exemptions for veterans, military and private pensions.

Representative Carson is a member of the House Oversight Committee, which has been investigating 38 Studios and the House Small Business Committee. Representative Carson currently chairs a special House Study Commission on Tourism.

“Building and investing in a smart and sustainable Rhode Island tourism campaign is good for Newport. Following the failed “Cooler and Warmer’ campaign, my special Commission redirected our efforts to understand how other states manage their marketing programs and how Rhode Island can make sound marketing investments in the future,” said Representative Carson. “We have successfully redirected tourism and hotel tax dollar back to the local regions in the 2017 budget and will continue to examine and propose strategies on how our state tourism dollars are best spent in the future.” 

Representative Carson also chaired a Special House Study on the Economic Impact of Flooding and Sea Rise.

“Newport is at ground zero for flooding and sea rise. Both the Point and Fifth ward neighborhoods must be preparing now for the economic impact that will accompany flooding. Businesses along the waterfront are at great risk and I have committed my first term to getting a better understanding of the scope of this risk.” Carson succeeded in achieving $100,000 in the 2017 state budget for the University of Rhode Island to develop a mandatory training program for municipal planning and zoning boards to increase their knowledge of flooding and encourage better decision making for flood prone and waterfront properties.

Representative Carson graduated the University of Rhode Island and holds a graduate degree in History and a Masters Degree in Business. She works part time for Clean Water Action and has one adult son, Andrew, 27, who lives in New York.

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