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Candidate Statement

To the Editor:

I’m running for City Council At- Large in Newport because I believe in our city and I believe my unique perspective will serve our city well as we face ongoing challenges. With my experience as an engineer at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, a project manager for the Navy in Washington, D.C., and a mentor and board member of Aquidneck Island Robotics, I will bring a distinct set of skills and experience to City Council.

On City Council I will focus on increasing the transparency of our government and improving how the city communicates with our residents and business owners. I will continue environmental initiatives already in progress and engage the community to develop new ideas to make Newport a model green city. Investing in green infrastructure brings opportunities for job growth. We have the opportunity to set an example as an environmentally sustainable city protecting our natural and built environment.

I love Newport and believe government should work for the people. I have been a public servant my entire career, and will extend my service to our local community if elected to City Council. Visit jamiebova.com to learn more and please consider me, Jamie Bova, when voting on Nov. 8.

Jamie Bova
Candidate for Newport City Council

Keep Strong Voice at Statehouse

To the Editor:

I am writing today to say that my re-election campaign is in full swing. I am campaigning for my second term as State Representative for R.I. House District 75 - Newport. Since my election two years ago, my efforts have been all about change; change in performance, attitude and effort on behalf of Newport.

My opponent has characterized me as a political insider following the status quo and identifies himself as an independent who can bring change to state government. I ran in 2014 as an outsider but quickly learned that in order to successfully represent House District 75, I had to balance the interests of my district within a larger political context.

That is not becoming an “insider.” That is doing the job. I want to remind Newport voters that in the 2014 primary I ran as the unendorsed Democratic candidate, in part because I opposed the expansion of gambling in Newport.

I was the only successful 2014 Democratic candidate in any Rhode Island House race that won without the party endorsement. That surely does not make me an insider. That was an upset.

Additionally, when it comes to Putting Newport First, I do not always vote with the House leadership. In 2016, I introduced legislation, H7210, to exempt military and private pension income from the R.I. personal income tax for tax years beginning on or after Jan. 1, 2016, equal to the tax exemption on Social Security that was enacted in 2015.

I did this at the request of many of my Newport constituents.

On June 15, 2016, as part of the House budget debate, I voted for an amendment to budget Article 13 to bring any tax exemptions on military and private pensions in parity with the Social Security thresholds of $80K single and $100K for couples. And in this case, I voted against the House leadership, who wanted to keep tax-exempt thresholds for military and private pensions at $20K single and $30K for couples, and that ultimately passed in the budget. In 2017, if re-elected, I will re-introduce my original legislation to bring military and private pensions exemptions at parity with Social Security exemptions because that is what my constituents want me to do.

My opponent has also trivialized my efforts to connect with hundreds of voters through my regular constituent meetings. We have had meetings on harbor management, tourism, small business, art funding, issues of older citizens and the delivery of social services in the community, to name a few. Voters tell me that these meetings are a real role model for our government communication and representation.

I am not a lifelong politician, but I have been a lifelong activist. I have always fought for issues that I believe in – from environmental quality to sustainable economic development. I have kept my campaign promises of 2014: I promised to make government work again, to advocate for Newport and maintain our integrity. I believe that balancing quality of life, environmental quality and sustainable economic investment can move Newport in the right direction. If I am re-elected, my fresh perspective and energy will continue to provide Newport with a strong voice in state government.

Lauren H. Carson
Rep. District 75, Newport

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