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Carson Supporter

To the Editor,

I am a Newport resident and property owner. I also own businesses in the marine trades and sit on the Rhode Island Marine trades Board.

I want to register my full support to Lauren Carson. She has been a supporter of Newport and Rhode Island. Her position and efforts have always been professional and smart. Her actions and efforts have supported jobs and businesses in many sectors, including the marine trades. She represents us well.

Her hard work and honest actions are advancing her into a position of influence in the legislature. She has always been open and available to all the community. I recognize her leadership on many important issues to Newport and Rhode Island such as the environment, climate change, harbor management issues, tourism and political ethics.

She has done a remarkably good job in her first term and we should allow her to continue her hard work with a second term in House District 75.

Richard Cromwell

Rebecchi Digging Holes

To the Editor:

Senate candidate Sav Rebecchi comments on Sen. Teresa Paiva Weed accepting campaign donations from Adler Pollock and Sheehan, a firm involved with the 38 Studios debacle. What influence does she have in the legal aspects of the whole process of 38 Studios? None! You’ve heard that saying “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” Or when you’re in a hole don’t keep digging. Senate President Paiva Weed is going for her 13th term, does that tell you something about the person? Sav, keep your day job, Smith Hill may not be for you.

Ron Grandchamp

Set Record Straight on House Oversight

To the Editor:

I’m Karen MacBeth, the outgoing state representative from House District 52 and former chair of the House Oversight Committee that tackled 38 Studios. While I’m not seeking re-election, recent false and misleading statements by Rep. Lauren Carson regarding my tenure and supposed decision to halt the House Oversight Committee’s 38 Studios investigation require me to set the record straight.

In an editorial that appeared in several Newport news outlets, Carson defends her decision to halt further Oversight Committee hearings into 38 Studios by falsely claiming that I “resigned” from the Oversight Committee, that this was a “great disservice” to the people of Rhode Island, and that my actions “ended the House activity on 38 Studios” for the year. This is a patently false and misleading attempt by Carson to direct attention away from her own failures on 38 Studios.

As chair of the House Oversight Committee, I oversaw massive amounts of testimony on 38 Studios. I put my heart and soul into finding justice for the people of Rhode Island. I am the one who notified the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) of potential fraud in the issuance of 38 Studios securities, which was followed with multiple ongoing SEC fraud charges against key players.

Our progress is of no credit to Carson. Indeed, she was continually unprepared for our Oversight hearings. She slowed our committee meetings by focusing questions on issues that were easily resolved by reference to the written materials or addressed in previous hearings – which she clearly had not read or followed. These machinations are on Capitol TV for all to see if they so choose.

Our efforts to probe deeper into 38 Studios were stymied time and time again by Democratic leadership who had made promises to the people of this state to investigate and get answers. Given these broken promises, and a host of other issues that put special interests above the taxpayers, I made the choice to switch political parties.

I was then promptly removed from the Oversight Committee by the speaker. I did NOT resign, as claimed by Carson. The speaker then appointed my replacement, who then, along with Carson, halted any further investigation into 38 Studios. I can state with certainty that the investigation could have continued after my removal – if there was the will to do so. But there wasn’t. Where was Carson’s voice when this was occurring? Silent!

Soon thereafter, we tried to appoint an independent prosecutor to seek the truth. That proposal too was killed, with Carson joining leadership to vote it down.

As elected officials we must take responsibility for our actions. It is regrettable that Carson seeks to place blame elsewhere for her failure, and the failure of government generally, to do justice for the taxpayers on 38 Studios. The residents of District 75 deserve better. They deserve a representative who will stand up for the people and be their voice – not another elected official that remains silent and then attempts to cast blame elsewhere.

Rep. Karen L. MacBeth

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