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Exhibits to See on Display

LIONFISH, one short film to play at stopover. LIONFISH, one short film to play at stopover. Audubon Society of Rhode Island/ Whale & Dolphin Conservation/New Bedford Whaling Museum

Sharing the Seas: Safe Boating for Sailors and Whales

This interactive exhibit will feature information for adults and kids on how to share the seas with marine mammals. Learn how to follow guidelines for safe sailing to prevent collisions that could result in damage to your boat. Sharing the Seas: Safe Boating for Sailors and Whales is a partnership program between leading members of the North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium Education Committee.

Clean Ocean Access

Aquidneck Island Students Raise Environmental Awareness Using Art

Aquidneck Island students participated in a Clean Ocean Access environmental art project to educate and inspire our residents and visitors about the importance of ocean health and to foster environmentally responsible behaviors.

Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation

Shelf Research Fleet

The Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation (CFRF), in partnership with scientists at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), operates a fishing vessel research fleet to conduct bi-weekly oceanographic sampling across the continental shelf and slope south of Rhode Island. Come learn about the fishermen participating in the Shelf Research Fleet and how the study of oceanographic conditions such as temperature may impact the distribution and abundance of key fisheries’ resources.

Conanicut Island Sailing Foundation

Our Earth, Our Ocean, Our Responsibility

This exhibit shows how easily marine life can mistake a plastic bag for a jellyfish and Styrofoam for fish eggs. The interactive exhibit also includes a visitor challenge in building small buoys.

Herreshoff Marine Museum & America’s Cup Hall of Fame

Sailing through Time

Historical artifacts from the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company and the America’s Cup Hall of Fame will be on hand for visitors to discover the historical connection between the modern sport of sailing and the revolutionary breakthroughs in design conceived by Nat Herreshoff. Visitors can explore our model tow test tank to test the hydrodynamics of various models to see which is the model with the least resistance.

International Yacht Restoration School of Technology & Trades

Building the World Around Us

From concept to creation, IYRS School of Technology & Trades teaches the tools & skills to craft our built environment. Come see how things are made, from cedar boats to carbon jets. Visitors become part of the process, from designing and prototyping to mold-making and building.

Mystic Seaport

Exploring the Past and Racing to the Future

Using classic footage taken by sailors at sea, Mystic Seaport will celebrate an early onboard reporter, teach visitors to make rope using natural fibers and show how standing and running rigging have progressed from tall ships to Volvo race boats.


Ocean Films

NewportFILM will present a series of curated documentary short films related to ocean health and sustainability. These short films will be shown in the race village throughout the Newport stopover.

Newport Public Schools

Let’s Build Something!

Design your own structure using stackable wooden planks with this hands-on building activity for all ages and abilities.

North American Marine Environmental Protection Association

Saving Our Seas from Marine Debris

Stop by the NAMEPA booth to construct a machine to remove trash from the ocean, and then test your knowledge on how long it takes for household items to break down. There will be a wide array of educational materials to take home and share with others.

Oliver Hazard Perry

‘Knot’ Your Average Ship: SSV Oliver Hazard Perry

Visit for an interactive lesson on knot-tying and to learn more about sailing on board the first full-rigged Tall Ship built in America in over 100 years. Come try your hand at figure eights, hitches and bowlines.

Rhode Island Sea Grant

Recycle Your Boat, Protect Your Home: Innovations for Coastal Living

Learn how fiberglass boats will be processed and recycled into concrete thanks to a new program developed in partnership with the Rhode Island Marine Trades Association and the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation.

Staff will also be showing visitors how to use storm tools to identify the flooding threats to any coastal property address in Rhode Island.

Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation

Bird Nest Building and Lighthouse Exploring

When building their nests, many bird species will use materials that are easily accessible, such as beach debris, twigs, vines and grasses. They also use marine debris that can be harmful to the birds and their chicks. Come to this booth to build a human-sized nest incorporating these materials.

Rozalia Project

Beach Clean Up and Recycle Challenge

Be introduced to the problem of marine debris on our beaches and learn recycling skills through this interactive challenge. Folks will have a chance to learn about recycling glass, paper, metal, different types of plastic and where to bring our single-use plastic bags and plastic wrap. Students will simulate cleaning a beach and recycling.

Sailors for the Sea

Our Ocean is Drowning in Plastic

Do you know how long plastic lasts? Come play games to find out how plastic impacts Narragansett Bay and take a pledge to make a difference.

Save the Bay

You and the Ocean: One Degree of Separation

This hands-on experience highlights how litter, chemicals, trash and all kinds of pollution make its way to the bay.

The Seamen’s Church Institute

One Busy Ocean

A live feed of global mariner traffic provides a visual display of the world’s interconnectedness via the maritime industry. Try your hand at a ship’s telegraph and learn about Seamen’s services for those who work and play on the sea.

The Shackleton Climate Project

Explore the Famed Antarctic Expedition

The Shackleton Climate Project was borne from the expedition by Tim Jarvis, an environmental scientist, author, and adventurer

who has undertaken unsupported expeditions to the world’s most remote regions. It is designed to inspire others to take their own “climate journey” and become more actively involved in the most pressing issue of our time, which is saving our planet, and especially our oceans, from climate change.

United Nations Environment Programme

Cry Out: The Lonely Whale Virtual Reality Experience

Using advanced technology to reveal our impact on an ancient form of life, Dell, Lonely Whale, United Nations Environment Program and Adrian Grenier created “Cry Out: The Lonely Whale Experience.” The underwater VR expedition transports viewers into the depths of the sea to witness underwater life and see how pollution has disrupted it. The experience is narrated by Emily Osment with live rendered 3D visuals and motion sensor chairs for a 4D experience.

University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography

Eyes on the Storm: Hurricanes and Society

This exhibit addresses recent hurricane disasters, demonstrating the need for education and awareness about these large and dangerous storms. Learn about URI’s ongoing efforts to help emergency managers and planners become better informed about the consequences of extreme hurricanes to reduce risks for coastal communities.

Inner Space Center: Explore with Us!

The Inner Space Center at URI’s Graduate School of Oceanography is a one-of-a-kind national facility that supports live ocean exploration via telepresence technology. Learn about the innovations and new technologies used to explore the deep ocean.

Plankton: Small, Beautiful Bugs with a Big Impact

Despite their small size, ocean plankton are responsible for generating the oxygen you breathe, and they are literally the engines that move carbon through the ecosystem. Come see these dazzling creatures and learn how something so small can be so important.

Marine Life of Narragansett Bay

See a remarkable array of marine life borrowed from our beloved bay, including a number of seaweed species and many invertebrates, like crabs and lobsters, oysters and whelks, and corals and starfish. URI marine biology students will host this exhibit to answer your questions about Narragansett Bay and its marine life.

Carbon, Oxygen and Our Breathing Ocean

The ocean produces more than half of the oxygen we consume, and in exchange, the ocean consumes the large amounts of carbon dioxide we produce. This aquatic “lung” is a perfect counterbalance to our own lungs, which crave oxygen and produce carbon dioxide. This exhibit will show the structure and function of ocean exhalations compared with human breathing, and how the two happily complement each other.

College of Environment and Life Sciences

Sustainable Oceans, Sustainable Food

This exhibit addresses the safe and sustainable production of food from our oceans for future generations. Visit the exhibit to learn about growing tuna, seaweeds and other organisms, and to see a unique aquarium display created by one of our aquaculture and fisheries students.

Art and Coastal Resilience

Coastal ecosystems in Rhode Island and around the world are experiencing the impacts of increased storms and sea level rise. Over the past three years, scientists from the University of Rhode Island, Roger Williams University, and Rhode Island College have been collaborating with a team of landscape architects and sculptors from the Rhode Island School of Design to integrate art and science for coastal restoration. Visit our exhibit to learn how sculptural forms can play a role in building coastal resilience.

College of Engineering


This exhibit explores the engineering behind and the applications of underwater robotics. Each year, a team of URI undergraduates builds underwater remotely operated vehicles to participate in the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) International Competition. Visit us to learn more about what we do and how we are involved with the Rhode Island community.

Ocean Engineering

This exhibit will include interactive displays and hands-on activities related to ocean engineering. Visit to learn about ocean robotics and more.

College of Education and Professional Studies

Exploring Ocean Science

Hosted by URI’s Guiding Education in Math and Science Network (GEMS-net), this exhibit will offer hands-on activities to help visitors explore key concepts related to ocean science. Learn more about concepts such as density, buoyancy, salinity and materials science, as well as ocean engineering and design.

US Sailing

Simple Machines Scavenger Hunt and Sustainability Navigation Challenge

The “Reach Simple Machine Scavenger Hunt” will feature a hands-on display of simple machines on sailboats while visitors learn about mechanical advantage and discover examples of all six types of simple machines. Visitors will also experience the “Sustainability Navigation Challenge” using an authentic compass to navigate their way throughout the One Ocean Education Zone, following interactive clues to various sustainable stations.

Volvo Ocean Race Science Program

Come learn how the VO65s are collecting important meteorological and oceanographic data throughout the race. Scientific drifting buoys deployed by all teams and vessel mounted sensors are collecting and transmitting data in near-real time to improve marine forecasts and climate models. Additionally, two teams are also gathering critical data on carbon dioxide and microplastics.

Volvo Ocean Race Sustainability Education Program

Discover how the world’s most extreme sailing race is contributing to thousands of children all over the world becoming champions for the sea.

Bike Newport

Love the Ocean? Ride a Bike

This hands-on booth will be working alongside the One Ocean theme and bringing exciting interactive activities, pedal power and information on how riding your bike can help contribute to ocean health.

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