2018-06-07 / Opinion


Important Times Call for Care-full Actions

This past weekend, while readying this week’s edition, we heard from our sports team, Meri Keller, James Merolla, and Kirby Varacalli who went to Brown University to cover the lacrosse state final matches for Rogers and Middletown high schools that both won their division titles. In addition, the Rogers’ boys’ track and field team won the state championship in their class. For all of the youth athletes involved, these season finals were exciting and important times.

As the news for this week drew to a close, we realized that besides the deviation from our typical front page and Game of the Week format (we just couldn’t resist showcasing their jubilant, infectious smiles) the headlines on the first several pages reflected the overwhelming theme of schools, schools, and schools. For those not interested in the schools, we apologize and hope you enjoy the features and columns on music, film, the outdoors, and garden that our writers and editors have prepared.

This is one of the most important times for our municipalities as they discuss, debate and pore over the upcoming budgets, with a high percentage allocated to the schools. We have elected our officials to do the right thing, but are they being short-sighted? We need to be looking out beyond a two-year, and even five-year plan.

Will Middletown and Newport be able to sustain two high schools, a decade from now?

The physical conditions of both schools are in dire straits. Wouldn’t it be wise to pool our resources and bring our children together, focusing less on the space and more on the learning?

The two schools serve under 650 students apiece. It would be interesting to hear from our readers on how many students attended your high school and how difficult it was to manage the space and institute much-needed repairs and enhancements.

Beyond the victories of all our high school athletes, other senior milestones like prom and graduation are coming up shortly. Again, important stepping-stones for youth preparing for the next phase of their lives. We hope they all have an enjoyable and safe prom night and much continued success beyond graduation.

And that when they return to visit their alma maters, they’ll be proud of what their communities have done to insure “well” schools for the children following in their footsteps.

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