2018-06-28 / Election News

Candidate Update


Candidate names below are as of 4 p.m. on Wednesday, June 27, the final day to file Declarations of Candidacy. On July 3, candidates pick up their nomination papers, which are due back at the local Board of Canvassers on July 16 with the required number of signatures.


City Council

At Large
Jamie P. Bova
Marco T. Camacho
Hugo J. DeAscentis
Justin S. McLaughlin
Jeanne-Marie Napolitano
Richard Wick Rudd
Susan D. Taylor

Ward I
James A. Dring
Angela McCalla

Ward 2
Liam P. Barry
Lynn Ceglie
Valerie A. Larkin

Ward 3
Peter J. Harty
Kathryn E. Leonard

School Committee

Louisa H. Boatwright
Rebecca Bolan
David R. Carlin III
Karlie L. Cesarini
Sandra J. Flowers
Raymond E. Gomes
David Hanos Jr.
Francis D. Landry Jr.
Robert J. Leary
Kelly A. Lohrum
Aida G. Neary
Veronica A. Rynn
Kathleen M. Silvia

General Assembly

District 73, Representative
Marvin Abney (Dem.)
David A. Quiroa (Rep.)
David A. Quiroa Jr. (Indep.)
District 75, Representative
Lauren Carson (Dem.)
District 12, Senator
Louis P. DiPalma (Dem.)
Amy E. Veri (Rep.)
District 13, Senator
Dawn M. Euer (Dem.)
Matthew P. Perry (Rep.)


Town Council

Jacob A. Cathers
Terri Flynn
Lawrence Frank
Henry F. Lombardi Jr.
Paul M. Rodrigues
Theresa Santos
Robert M. Sylvia
Daniel P. Titus
Dennis B. Turano
Antone C. Viveiros
Barbara A. VonVillas

School Committee

Douglas W. Arnold
Liana Ferreira-Fenton
Theresa Spengler

The above three School Committee members are the only seats up for re-election.

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