2018-07-05 / Election News

Candidate Update


In a random drawing on July 3 by Board of Canvassing Authority committee member Maxine Shaver, the order of the three candidates for the Ward 2 Sept. 12 primary ballot was determined.

Lynn Underwood Ceglie's name will appear first, followed by Valerie A. Larkin and Liam E. Barry. If a candidate decides to withdraw or does not meet the required number of signatures, the remaining names will appear in the order drawn.

A voter can sign nomination papers for an unlimited number of candidates. However, voters are not allowed to sign multiple papers for the same candidate. Voters should print their name legibly beside the signature so it can be verified. If the voter’s name or address on the form does not match their voter registration, their signature may not count.

All those signing must be registered to vote. Unregistered signatures will not be counted and could inadvertently disqualify a candidate if they do not meet the required number of signatures.

For a City Council candidate, 50 signatures from the candidate’s ward are needed. City Council At-Large and School Committee candidates require 100 signatures. All Newport voters can sign these nomination papers.

In the general assembly race, a voter can sign the nomination paper of a candidate for any party. Signing the form does not affect a voter’s party affiliation. State senators need 100 signatures, and candidates running for representative in the General Assembly require 50 signatures.

Candidates must return their nomination papers to the Canvassing Office no later than 4 p.m. on Monday, July 16.


City Council

At Large
Jamie P. Bova*
Marco T. Camacho*
Hugo J. DeAscentis
Justin S. McLaughlin
Jeanne-Marie Napolitano*
Richard Wick Rudd
Susan D. Taylor*

Ward I
James A. Dring
Angela McCalla

Ward 2
Liam P. Barry
Lynn Underwood Ceglie*
Valerie A. Larkin

Ward 3
Peter J. Harty
Kathryn E. Leonard*

School Committee

Louisa H. Boatwright
Rebecca Bolan*
David R. Carlin III*
Karlie L. Cesarini
Sandra J. Flowers*
Raymond E. Gomes*
David Hanos Jr.*
Francis D. Landry Jr.
Robert J. Leary
Kelly A. Lohrum
Aida G. Neary
Veronica A. Rynn
Kathleen M. Silvia*

General Assembly

District 73, Representative
Marvin Abney *(Dem.)
David A. Quiroa (Rep.)
David A. Quiroa Jr. (Indep.)

District 75, Representative
Lauren Carson* (Dem.)

District 12, Senator
Louis P. DiPalma* (Dem.)
Amy E. Veri (Rep.)

District 13, Senator
Dawn M. Euer* (Dem.)
Matthew P. Perry (Rep.)

* Incumbent

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