2018-07-12 / News Briefs

Newport Police Log

During the period from Monday, July 2 through Monday, July 9 the Newport Police Department responded to 1001 calls. Of those, 170 were motor vehicle related; there were 114 motor vehicle violations issued and 56 accident reports.

Police responded to 11 calls of vandalism, 25 noise complaints, 19 animal complaints, 22 suspicious persons or vehicles, 2 bicycle violations, 1 suicide call, and 198 parking complaints. They performed 56 home/business alarm calls/checks, 12 private tows, and 21 liquor establishment checks. They transported 5 prisoners, and assisted 8 other police departments and 4 other agencies.

In addition, 31 arrests were made for the following violations:

4 were made for disorderly conduct

4 were made for public urination

3 were made for DUI

3 were made for felony assault with a dangerous weapon

2 were made for domestic simple assault

2 were made for underage drinking

2 were made for possession of marijuana

1 was made for open container

1 was made for driving with a suspended or revoked license

1 was made for domestic disorderly conduct

1 was made for violating a no contact order

1 was made for assault on an elderly person over 60

1 was made for assault on a police officer and other officials

1 was made for larceny

1 was made for bench warrants

1 was made for simple assault

1 was made for driving without a license or expired

1 was made for breaking and entering

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