2018-07-12 / News Briefs

Working Cities Night

The Momentum Continues

The Newport Working Cities Collaborative will hold its next Community Dinner at the Florence Gray Center, on Wednesday, July 18, at 5 p.m. Dinner will be followed by a conversation at 5:30 and will end by 7 p.m. Babysitting is available. Dinners are hosted monthly at rotating locations throughout Newport.

The agenda for the Community Dinner is driven by the attendees and broken into three sections: Introductions; Table Top Conversation during which attendees can share ideas and topics for discussion; and The Market. This portion of the event allows attendees to make requests for services or offer support, all in the spirit of the Community Dinners’ purpose of building connections between Newporters.

"The Community Dinners are an opportunity for Newporters to have fun and lead on the topics which matter the most to them," said Kate Cantwell, Initiative Director for Newport Working Cities. "Further, it is a consistent occasion for public, nonprofit, and private sectors to seek advice and ideas from the community as ideas and plans are evolving. It creates a space for transparency. Building connections builds our community resiliency to overcome obstacles.”

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