2018-10-11 / Election News

Justin McLaughlin

Candidate Statement

Serving on the council between 2007 and 2016 was an honor and privilege. I am running again because I believe the city council needs to provide greater leadership, direction, oversight, and, most importantly, vision, for the city. I believe I can provide leadership to make that happen. Instead of serving in an “advice and consent” role to the recommendations of the city staff, the council should be actively engaged with the city manager in developing - publicly and transparently - a strategic framework that robustly addresses resident interests and concerns. Council meetings should allow for all its members to share their perspectives in the process of forming consensus decisions that reflect what is best for the community. These decisions should flow from public deliberations, not from private discussions that do not allow for the synergy that the give and take of public debate provides. I believe that my professional career, life experiences and prior council service have prepared me to deal with the challenging issues that will come before the council during the next two years. I will work to ensure that your voice is heard when you want to engage City Hall.

Justin S. McLaughlin

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