2018-10-11 / Opinion

A Change in Perspective

To the Editor:

Seventh- and eighth-grade students at Gaudet Middle School, along with Middletown High School students, were welcomed into the new school year by guest speaker Molly Kennedy last week during assemblies at both schools. Sponsored by the Middletown Prevention Coalition (MPC), the assemblies were themed to encourage students to make healthy and smart choices on everything from teen drinking to bullying.

Kennedy is a motivational speaker who travels to schools sharing her deeply personal story as a way to show children how they can “flip their 20,” a reference to changing their perspective, specifically their self-awareness and how that impacts how they interact with both peers and adults.

This was the second consecutive year MPC has invited a powerful speaker to kickoff the school year. The goals are to provide students and parents with a positive example of how decisions can have healthy impacts on their lives, and also to challenge their perspective on how they view themselves.

On behalf of the student body, faculty and administration, MPC extends a heartfelt thank you to Ms. Kennedy for helping to show that anything is possible if you believe. We encourage parents and teachers to ask their children about these assemblies and further reinforce the positive messaging of resilience and positive self-image. Together we can all help make a difference.

Thomas F. Lyons
Middletown Prevention Coalition

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