2018-10-18 / Election News

Dawn Euer

Candidate Endorsement

My first impression of Sen. Dawn Euer, after her election representing District 13 (Newport and Jamestown) in the summer of 2017, was her eagerness to be educated on issues important to her constituents. Because of my interest in affordable housing and homelessness, I reached out to her to meet with state and local experts about the challenges faced by residents who have difficulty finding an affordable place to live in their home communities. She quickly responded and in those meetings demonstrated both her understanding of the issue and also a sincere interest in finding solutions.

I attended several of her constituent meetings before she took her seat in the Rhode Island Senate and continued to be impressed by the knowledge of issues that she had developed and her openness to the ideas and concerns of her constituents. She already was well informed when she got down to business as a member of the Rhode Island Senate in 2018.

Sen. Euer always seemed to be at community meetings I attended over this past year. She also co-sponsored with her capable House of Representatives colleague, Lauren Carson, constituent meetings, demonstrating a collaborative spirit that would benefit residents of Newport as legislation and policies were considered at the State House.

Sen. Euer is approachable, in touch with residents and effective in bringing their concerns to the attention of her legislative colleagues and other public officials. Her first year as a Senator demonstrates that she is a capable and committed legislator, who deserves your vote on Nov. 6.

Judy K. Jones

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