2018-10-18 / Election News

Deborah Ruggiero

Candidate Endorsement

As a result of my being on the Middletown Town Council for a period of 15 years, I came to understand the nature of the commitment that one has to make to be an effective elected official. With this understanding, I am writing to express my unqualified support for Deborah Ruggiero, who is my State Representative from District 74 in Middletown, Rhode Island.

In my opinion, Deborah possesses all the qualities necessary to be an outstanding and effective public servant. She represents her constituents with honor, integrity, transparency and an unwaivering commitment. Beyond being a very bright and focused person, Deborah possesses a common sense understanding of the issues facing elected officials in these very tumultuous and uncertain political times. In my opinion, this is not the time to experiment with inexperienced representation and forego Deborah’s years of hard earned knowledge of how government works.

Robert M. Silva

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