2018-10-25 / Election News

Jamie Bova

Candidate Endorsement

Jamie Bova and I met in 2016 to talk about why she was running for Newport City Council and what her platform was. She impressed me not only because I liked what she said but also because of her character and her way of expressing herself.

During her first term as At-Large City Councilor, Jamie learned quickly; it was her first elected office. I watched her gradually establish herself as someone who asks the questions that help me understand how the council makes its decisions. Her clear-headed, logical approach to complicated situations is reassuring as well as refreshing. She sees how problems can be defined more simply, to be solved step-by-step.

I count on Jamie’s straightforward, no-nonsense style of leadership. I also admire her ability to empathize with all variety of her constituents as they face the challenges of life in Newport. I will vote for Jamie Bova on Nov. 6. I urge you to do the same.

Isabel Griffith

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