2018-10-25 / Election News

Newport Ward 1 Candidates

Angela McCalla

37, married with one son

Resident of Newport 4 years

Foster Care Recruiter/Trainer

#1) I am here because most of our city’s challenges are not new issues and it’s time to do something different. We need to understand that our environment, schools, housing, education, parking, and jobs are not separate issues but ones that are very much connected to the ultimate goal for a vibrant community.

#2) I am for keeping Roger’s right where it is. Most of the children that live in the North End don’t get to experience much of the “other side “ of Newport. It is one of the spaces that ALL of our children can come together and experience each other. Also, I think it would be more cost effective to build on Roger’s current space as they gym and auditorium to my knowledge is salvageable.

Angela McCalla Angela McCalla CANDIDATE STATEMENT

I am running because I believe in the philosophy that our local offices should be a platform for convening and implementing positive force for changes. I take pride in my Ward being diverse in populations with all walks of life, minds, and cultural tapestries being the center for great spaces. With so much change taking place in Newport and most of those changes taking place in the First Ward, there are opportunities residents, local officials, and key stakeholders can come together as one to ensure that Newport’s First Ward and all of Newport remains the city in which we can all take pride in. The concerns of my ward are jobs, housing, education, our environment, transparency with city government and private/public business deals. I intend to work hard to build an agenda with locals in order to work collectively to actualize visions.

Jim Dring Jim Dring Jim Dring

53, divorced with three daughters

Resident of Newport 25 years Realtor

Public offices: Newport Planning Board, 2009 – 2014

#1) Since I am running in the First Ward, I am going to address the most important issues that I believe are facing the First Ward. First is the realignment of the Newport Bridge ramps and secondly is the acquisition of the Navy property. Both of these are going to happen around the same time and they have the ability to change our neighborhoods and affect the quality of life for residents of the First Ward.

While the Newport Bridge realignment plans can be beneficial to the city, some of the proposals have traffic possibly funneled into our neighborhoods and at least one main street completely closed, so we need to watch this closely. The Navy property acquisition will provide another great development opportunity and at the same time allow for the creation of perpetual waterfront access for the public. I would like to see the creation of something similar to the harbor walk that exists in King Park.

While these projects provide great opportunities, they could prove problematic to our neighborhoods and we will only have one chance to get this right. I believe that my background as Newport Planning Board Chairman makes me the most qualified candidate to oversee these projects for the First Ward.

#2) I am on the Rogers High School Building Sub-Committee and we have met numerous times since the beginning of the year and it is clear that we need a new high school.

I believe that the best course of action is for a regional high school. Middletown is going to be in need of a new high school soon and it makes no sense to me that with 672 students at Rogers and a similar number at Middletown, that we have two high schools so close together that will cost over $100 million each.


I am running for City Council in the 1st Ward because I care deeply about Newport and I want to have a hand in shaping the future of this city. As a past Chairman of the Newport Planning Board and having served on numerous committees and local boards, I have put time in to improve our city. I am the father of three young daughters who attend the Newport Public Schools and if elected, I will be the only member of the City Council who has young children and I believe that is a perspective that needs to be represented. I also believe that Newport Residents deserve a Homestead Exemption on their property tax bills and I will work to make this happen so that Newport will not only be a great place to live, but a more affordable place for young families and retirees as well.

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