2018-10-25 / Election News

Newport Ward 3 Uncontested

Kathryn E. Leonard Kathryn E. Leonard Kathryn E. Leonard

72, single

Resident of Newport 40 years

Real Estate

Public offices: Ward 3 & 4 Councilor,

1995 – present (except two terms)

#1) There are two priorities in my opinion. Everyone on the council, and the City Manager, are concerned about rising budget expenditures. The City Manager has put a freeze on city spending. Overspending will lower our bond rating with terrible effect. It is important that we do not drive families out. Quality of life is an equal priority—-residents are not happy with the traffic congestion, excessive noise, and RHS not seemingly improving test scores/ skills so that students can be prepared to earn a decent living.

#2) I need to do further study on this. The city recently spent $3 million on a roof and repairs. I would like to see further analysis on location, state reimbursement, etc. because I personally doubt voters will approve a $100 million bond issue without major community support.


I have been very candid and open about my goals and opinions since I was first elected.

I believe that my role is to represent my constituents to the best of my ability because when taking office, that is what I raised my hand to do. My main goal is to work to make sure that my constituents can continue to afford to live here, that they have a good quality of life, that there is a balance between residents and business interests, and that we all deal with school issues.

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