2018-10-25 / Election News

Patrick Donovan

Candidate Statement

Dear fellow voters, I humbly ask for your vote on Nov. 6 to serve you in the House of Representatives.

There are things that our elected representatives could do for us yet don’t, such as bringing readily available, inexpensive green energy to us. As an example, Canada’s 10-year-old offer of hydroelectric derived electricity would be enough to power our entire state.

They should lower the cost of prescription drugs. Get rid of law that we have from 70s that doesn’t allow our government to buy direct from manufacturer. The vast majority of nations already do this. Why won’t our reps help us?

Leaving our elected representatives there to not perform for us will get us more of the same ineffectual representation. I think we deserve better. Please use your ability to come out and vote for more effective representation. Warm regards.

Patrick Donovan

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