2018-10-25 / Election News

Rebecca Schiff

Candidate Endorsement

It’s clearly time to give some respect back to the taxpayers of Rhode Island. We can all do our part by voting for Rebecca Schiff for Rhode Island State Representative, District 74 (Jamestown and Middletown) this Nov. 6.

Rebecca is a first-generation daughter of immigrant parents and was born and raised on the values of education, hard work and giving back to the community. Rebecca has been intimately involved with the issues that affect our communities here in this district. She founded the Jamestown Speakers Series, which is dedicated to identifying and addressing those issues most critical to us here in this area. She has vast hands-on experience working with corporate leaders and entrepreneurs growing their efforts in local communities, and she is a local business owner herself.

In addition, Rebecca is an educator, author and an expert in civilian military relations. She is, without doubt, what Jamestown and Middletown have dearly missed over the years. The status quo has failed us all and that’s not a secret. Make Rhode Island government work for Rhode Islanders, not the other way around. Please vote for Rebecca Schiff as state representative (District 74 - Jamestown and Middletown) on Nov. 6.

Jay E. Madden

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