2018-10-25 / Election News

Rebecca Schiff

Candidate Endorsement

I’m honored to write this letter of support for Rebecca Schiff, candidate for District 74 State Representative.

As a lifelong Democrat, I’m increasingly frustrated with current Democratic leadership in Rhode Island. Taxes and spending are out of control. Corruption scandals are all too common, betraying public trust and eroding confidence in government.

The state’s business climate is frigid. Good paying jobs for young and displaced workers are scarce. I’m confident Rebecca’s vision to harness the power of job training, apprenticeships and mentorships will create better jobs and opportunities for all.

Rebecca represents change for the better, and much-needed balance in the House, when it comes to cleaning up state politics. The House District 74 race is about electing someone not entrenched with the powers that be and offering new ideas instead of the same stale approach.

I urge Jamestown and Middletown to join me in voting for Rebecca Schiff on Nov. 6.

John Tantimonaco II

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