2018-10-25 / Election News

Reflect on Middletown Council’s Success

To the Editor:

We have first-time candidates believing that the key to winning elections is to make great promises and false claims. They unwisely promise, if elected, that they will bring about vast improvements in education, employment, infrastructure and the economy. Regrettably, they themselves don’t even know what the current state of the town truly is. There has not been a tax increase in two years and this council continues to do more and more with less. That is a factual statement.

Please reflect on the last several years and believe in the reality of what actually transpired in our town. Your town council’s accomplishments are genuine, and I ask that you consider that on Election Day. Recently, candidate Lawrence Frank made a statement that I supported the proposed tax plan by Councilors Turano and Viveiros, which is not true. I supported them looking into the plan like the rest of the council did.

Robert J. Sylvia
President, Middletown Council

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