2018-10-25 / Election News

Terri Flynn

Candidate Statement

For Middletown to plan ahead for future growth:

–I propose Planning Board items forwarded to Town Council get immediate priority on Council agendas for review/adoption so current town growth is more responsible town growth.

–I propose proactively addressing Middletown’s infrastructure to accommodate growth; before growth causes infrastructure stress and failure.

–I propose creating a long term financial plan to expand town water/ sewer as needed for residents’ health and safety.

–I propose aggressively working with community partnerships for open space to enhance each neighborhood’s landscape.

–I propose balancing and defining land uses to assure resident livability (senior housing, rock processing, mixed use areas).

–I propose advancing quality education to create demand for our community, which will balance the population profile as Middletown grows and the current population ages.

Thank goodness the Town Council contest is non-partisan and can be anchored in issues.

I am running for Town Council to offer you and all voters an alternative Town Council candidate who is a leader who listens. I believe adding rules for Term Limits on the Town Council allows fresh perspective, ideas and energy. I am in favor of tax reform that protects Middletown residents. I believe stable neighborhoods (year-round, long-term residents) are strong neighborhoods. I believe quality of community starts with quality of education.

I know you have great ideas and information that should be reflected in Middletown's decisions and I promise to listen. Visit www.gofundme.com/vote-terri-flynn-for-town-council for how I came to run for Town Council and my view on these important issues: term limits, taxes, housing, education, growth.

Terri Flynn's statements above were inadvertently omitted from last week's Middletown candidate election coverage.

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