2018-11-01 / Election News

Jim Dring

Candidate Endorsement

Please vote for Jim Dring as your First Ward city councilor. Experienced and effective, Jim produces positive results in Newport.

While serving together on Newport’s Planning Board, Jim and I worked on decisions such as the approval of St. Clare-Newport’s assisted-living facility, an outdoor cafĂ© ordinance that created Broadway’s exciting streetscape, and the approval of beneficial construction in Park Holms and Newport Heights. Jim has worked on historic protections and business-friendly policies, such as an updated demolition ordinance that added historic protections while streamlining the application process.

Living in the house his grandfather built on Dudley Avenue, Jim is a single dad raising three wonderful daughters who attend Newport’s public schools. He is easy to work with, supportive of different viewpoints and understands Newport’s complexities.

Jim has been working for years on improving our neighborhoods and First Ward residents would be fortunate to have him as their advocate.

Naomi Neville

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