2018-11-01 / Election News

Justin McLaughlin

Candidate Endorsement

On Election Day I am voting for Justin McLaughlin for an At Large seat on the Newport City Council. Having served alongside Justin on the Council for nearly six years I can attest to his thoughtful consideration of issues, strong backbone in making tough decisions and his commitment to fundamental fairness. We may not have agreed on every issue or vote that we cast but I always knew that Justin had reached his decision based on thorough analysis through his own insight and honest opinion.

In any legislative body it is vitally important that members work collaboratively to deliver results for the people they serve. Justin McLaughlin demonstrated this commitment to a team effort as a leading member of the Council majority that facilitated the expansion of St. Clare’s Nursing Home, the impressive redesign of Queen Anne’s Square and his primary role in developing a strategic planning process for Newport.

We need people in office willing to speak their mind and provide an independent voice. Justin Mc- Laughlin is this type of individual and Newport is better off with him on our City Council. Please join me in supporting him on Election Day.

Stephen C. Waluk

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