2018-11-01 / Election News

Louisa Boatwright

Candidate Endorsement

Louisa Boatwright is uniquely qualified to serve on the Newport School Committee

1. Louisa has put the time in, more than any other candidate. Louisa has immersed herself in volunteer work aimed at improving Newport Public Schools.

2. Louisa is a team player, able to unify people finding common ground to solve problems. Too often school committee meetings have unnecessarily devolved into shouting matches. Louisa will bring a strategic voice to meetings.

3. Louisa will shine a light on many Newport Public School positives: Rogers graduates attend (Harvard, Brown, Yale, among others), we’ve had National Merit Scholars, won National Technology and National History competitions.

4. Louisa has a firm grasp of Newport’s challenges. She knows our population of students is a wonderful diverse mix of cultures, races and socio-economic status and recognizes the challenges this creates.

For the above reasons and more, I hope you vote for Louisa Boatwright.

Mardie Corcoran

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