2018-11-01 / Election News

Lynn Ceglie

Candidate Endorsement

In Newport, Lynn Underwood Ceglie won 56 percent of the votes in the Second Ward primary. The big winner in the three person race is proof she has accomplished things for the good of the people as a member of the City Council.

Lynn is a hardworking advocate who does her homework. When she walks around going door to door, she listens to concerns on traffic, stop signs, parking, keeping the environment clean and graffiti free. Recently a father with a baby in a carriage was trapped on a strip of metal at the corner of Freebody and East Bowery. The carriage almost flipped over. I told Lynn, she came immediately to the site and alerted the city. The next day, they repaired the corner. I am very appreciative that Lynn is also working on Memorial Boulevard parking and pedestrian safety concerns where visibility is limited in some areas. Please support Lynn on Nov. 6.

Elizabeth Watts

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