2018-11-08 / Opinion

From NTW Facebook

On Nov. 4, Newport This Week posted on Facebook a Rhode Island Natural History Survey press release about a $1.1 million federal grant funding a five-year coyote study. Here are some comments:

Kim Gill Toppa:

“It seems like we have been studying coyotes for years and they seem to grow in population and we are told there isn't anything that can be done. Having coyotes howling and cackling in your backyard nightly is frustrating beyond belief! We have to circle the yard before we can take our dog out because they are everywhere. No, we don't leave food out; no they don't belong in populated neighborhoods. Maybe we need to do more than study them for another five years!”

John Stratford:

“This actually [angers me]. There is a hot spot all around my house. My dog got into it with one [coyote] this morning at 7:30. I had one in my front yard at 4 p.m. last week looking in my front door. I drove to the police station and told them and got ‘we can't do anything. They are wild animals.’ I've reported them at least 10 times. Same answer. Are you kidding me right now with this ‘identify hot spots?’ Do something!”

On Oct. 26, NTW posted on Facebook the story, “Hammetts Wharf Groundbreaking,” written by Staff Reporter Christopher Allen. Here are some comments:

Alfredo Khol:

“The market was already diversifying with many residents and investors transforming existing residential and multifamily units into short-term rentals, to address both mid- and high-income demand. This type of development is much more beneficial to the community because it provides a constant stream of work to local contractors, laborers, and it provides jobs to local real estate agents and property managers. There are already too many boutique hotels with relatively high vacancy rates. The labor to build this hotel will come from off the island. The project needed $3.5 million in TIF, so we can all pat ourselves on the back because we ALL paid for it.”

Paul Kloiber:

“I’m still sad that the old Yachting Center’s events are gone, but time moves on. My biggest worry was waterfront access and that seems to give better access than before.”

Comments have been edited for brevity and clarity.

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