2018-11-08 / Opinion

Let’s Innovate, Not Imitate

To the Editor:

How is renting space “innovative?” In Newport This Week’s Nov. 1 story, “Innovate Newport Joining Workbar Network,” how exactly does the “Workbar network shorten distances and accelerate growth?” There seem to be many of these popping up around the region, yet I know not a single person who uses them, nor anyone interested in their exorbitant rates.

Maybe if the City of Newport, the Newport Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Foundation of Rhode Island were interested in addressing the needs of all Rhode Islanders, not just the desires of already over-privileged, short-term investors and developers, they'd see the more pressing necessity in creating innovative investments in health and education.

Maybe then Newport Hospital would actually pay people for the work they're asking volunteers to do (Newport This Week, “Lending a Hand,” Nov. 1).

True innovation is taking a risk to think differently about new ways of doing things, not imitating what Silicon Valley started 20-plus years ago.

Ezme Webb-Hines

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