2018-12-06 / Front Page

30,000 SF Residence

The board unanimously approved the demolition permit at 1 Harborview Drive for the construction of a 30,000-squarefoot house. The applicant is Welovenewport, LLC., but the owners were not named.

Attorney Jay Lynch, representing the owners, said the home would be a single-family structure with conditional approval, as it must now go before the Zoning Board of Review to obtain relief to conform to new zoning ordinances.

The building will not be demolished until new construction is approved and all permits are in place.

“I do think it’s rather alarming, the amount of zoning relief that would be required,” said Pattavina. “Are there secondary plans? The worst-case scenario, the building comes down, the planners can’t come to an agreement, and the house that someone was going to live in has come down.”

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