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Fair and Balanced?

To the Editor:

I read P. Udoma's editorial on Trump's claim that the media is “fake news.” While I do not agree that the mainstream media puts out news that is total fabrication, I do have to say that I find their reporting overwhelmingly incomplete and very one-sided. At times, there are even glaring omissions significant to the actual facts.

I've become a convert to Fox News because, as the saying goes, “inquiring minds want to know.” I do watch CNN as well and check MSNBC occasionally. It amazes me how they and other news outlets/ newspapers focus on one item and report it ad nauseum despite all the other news that is happening and it's almost always critical of President Trump. I hear/read very little commentary on the good that he's doing. As a matter of fact, they appear to be constantly hammering the impeachment narrative. President Trump was not my initial choice, but I, along with many in this country, like what he's doing and applaud his defense of America. It should not be difficult to understand why President Trump views the mostly negative media as a major obstacle to his presidency, and why he lashes out.

I am a Democrat-turned-Independent. I didn't leave the Democratic Party. It left me. I consider myself somewhat a conservative now. However, there is no doubt that the mainstream media has gone further to the left than when I was a Democrat, and that is where I think they have become biased to the point of being almost a danger. There's a belief that if you repeat something enough times it becomes true. I watch CNN, MSNBC and others repeat the same incomplete, mostly negative story over and over again with commentary from their guests with the same opinions. I believe the repetition is with the hopes of convincing their listeners that it's the only correct opinion. That is not fair, balanced reporting. Also, much of what is reported has not been checked or verified in an effort to get the story out first. It is dangerous to air/publish unsubstantiated facts. There is very little investigatory reporting now, which was and should be the purpose of the media and that is detrimental to all of us.

Fox is a highly watched news outlet because it has the most complete news reporting and welcomes guests from both sides of the issues. I don't see that balance on other news outlets. Sure, there are programs on Fox that are strictly commentary and tend to lean right, but not the news shows. I urge your readers to every now and then watch the 6 p.m. evening news on Fox to get caught up on the whole story. It is important to have fair and balanced, verified reporting.

Barbara Hughes

Carson for House District 75

To the Editor:

As a Newport Democrat, on Wednesday, Sept. 12, I am casting my vote for Lauren Carson for Rhode Island’s House District 75 Delegate to the state Democratic Party. Lauren’s credentials as a dedicated Democrat and her involvement in Democratic Party affairs is well documented over the past years.

Her tireless campaign efforts to bring women into the Party are greatly appreciated. As the founding co-chair of the Rhode Island Democratic Party Women’s Caucus, Lauren’s dedication to the Democratic platform and her positive force for Newport have won my support.

Lauren is a refreshing voice within the Rhode Island Democratic Party. I know she is a true advocate for all Democrats. She has proven herself to be an effective representative from House District 75 and she brings that same passion and professionalism to Democratic Party affairs.

I wish Lauren the very best in the Sept. 12 Democratic Primary and urge my fellow Democrats to cast their vote for Lauren Carson for State Delegate to the Democratic Party.

Sharon Connors

A Promise to Voters

To the Editor:

I am a candidate for Newport City Council, Ward 2, and would be honored to receive voters’ support in the upcoming primary election.

I first came to Newport to attend Naval Officer Candidate School, and fell in love with this city. In my years as a scientist and technologist, I have learned to solve difficult problems through innovation, rigorous thinking, and collaboration with talented people.

As I go door to door and meet the voters in Ward 2, I have found that a number of issues are particular concerns: Our streets and sidewalks need improvement; traffic and congestion are continual problems; we must fully support our schools; affordable housing for the people who already live here as well as those attracted by our burgeoning technology economy is essential. We need smart solutions to these perplexing problems.

I can promise you that I will always dedicate myself to a city government that is open, transparent and inclusive to all of our residents.

Valerie Larkin
Ward 2 Candidate

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